Monday, 30 July 2012

Resize the partition on Windows Server for free and non-destructive

Problem: after cloning smaller hard drive (HDD, 80 Gb) to a larger solid-state drive (SSD, 128 Gb), the partitions on the SSD became exactly the same as on HDD. 40 Gb were "lost". I needed a way to expand the partition on the SSD not loosing the files on it. Did it on Windows Server 2008 x64, with an idea to install that SSD in the laptop where HDD belonged.

Tried these free utilities:
Paragon Partition Manager Free Edition - doesn't work with server OS. Rumours are it also doesn't support dynamic disks
MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 7.5 - doesn't support Windows Server OS.


Ok, scrap the GUI - I need the job done. Will use diskpart command-line tool that is available on Windows Server.

start -> run -> cmd
type diskpart
Agree to run elevated, enter Administrator's credentials
list volume
see that my volume is #6
select volume 6


In windows explorer I can now see that my disk is 119 gigs, not 74 as it was. And files are all there. Non-destructive operation

list partition - see that offset is 94. This is alright - multiplied by 1024 it gives 96256 which is divisible by 4 and by 64. Good for SSD.

Shutdown the PC, unplug the power, remove SSD, implant it in the laptop, power on, voila! Windows 7 is loading from my new SSD now!

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