Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Paste Special in Excel can be broken because of Skype

It appears that Skype Click-to-Call browser plugin somehow interferes with Microsoft Office applications ability to copy-paste. Some other application can be also affected. Paste Special in Excel 2007 \ Excel 2010 suffers most as it looses ability to paste formulas, can paste only text, it looks broken and not working.

Problem: in Excel worksheet, copy a cell with the formula either with Ctrl-C or right-click, copy. Paste into another cell. It pastes text only. copy again, right click on another cell, choose Paste Special - it offers to paste only plain text or unicode, no nice choice of formula, etc

Workaround: if you have Skype installed and any web browser is open - close the browser. May need to re-open Excel work sheet. If it doesn't help - disable or uninstall Skype Click-to-Call browser plugin

Skype confirmed the problem and said they are working on an update

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