Friday, 9 December 2011

Alternatives to SQLite or SQL Server Compact

Wanted to find suitable local table storage for some quick data transformation engine. Didn't want to use tempdb or create\drop tables in my SQL Server DB.
Pros: just one dll, no install needed
No Foreign Keys. Write locks the whole DB

SQL Server Compact Edition (CE) 4.0:

works in a multi-threaded environment.  Previous releases of SQL CE only worked in client-apps and could corrupt/crash in server environments.  SQL CE 4 specifically supports server scenarios.
in-process; transactions; no XQuery or XML support; no SPs; DB size - .sdf file up to 4Gb
Management UI: VS2010 IDE, SQL Server Management Studio
Needs Visual C++ 2008 Runtime Libraries - installed with .Net 3.5 SP1
need to install tools for VS2010SP1 :

Other alternatives (to be continued):

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