Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cookie, Supercookie, Ubercookie - disclose your identity in a flash

Part 1:
Adobe Flash player uses its own cookies which cannot be easily deleted and can be used to track your web history. Some refer to it as "supercookies". Just look for *.sol files on your local disk. These cookies are not controlled by browser, only by Flash player itself. There is a way to prevent it from storing them though.

Part 2:
Windows Media Player (WMP) can reveal unique WMP ID on request, which is even better way to fingerprint your PC

Part 3:
Browser bar (Google Toolbar, Yandex Bar, ASK.Com bar, Bing Bar) - need to investigate what policies they follow and can they (do they) gather information of the websites you visit or extract URL from your web based email clients and send it to their headquarters "to improve search results"

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