Thursday, 16 June 2011

Jupiter - is it WPF rewritten in native code?

I wonder if what Vijay said here will appear to be true:

"Javascript HTML5 = Silverlight5 / WPF5 = Native XAML
What I think everyone is missing is that Microsoft is probably planning to 'go native' with XAML and the retained mode rendering technology made famous by Silverlight and WPF - (essentially this means these components are being rewritten in C++ - this is probably what 'Jupiter' is) This will allow much, much faster apps without the horrible startup delays and the huge resource consumption that WPF especially is infamous for.
But its not just C++ apps which will be able to call into these native system components. Instead, Silverlight and WPF system assemblies will call into their native counterparts - so current and future Silverlight and WPF apps will be able to run much faster without code changes just by targetting Silverlight 5 / .NET 5.
Additionally Javascript and HTML5 apps will translate into calls into the same native retained mode rendering library - and that is what Microsoft means these days by saying they will run natively.
Basically after years of saying otherwise, Microsoft has seen the writing on the wall - to write system components (or even intensive user apps) in a managed language is horribly inefficient - object management costs are too high - and they are making amends, whilst adding support for touch etc that the market now demands.
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